Vintage Safety Razors

We are passionate about vintage safety razors and use them ourselves on a regular basis. We are passionate about finding the best examples possible which are perfect for displaying or for daily use.

All of our safety razors have been cleaned and polished and are shave ready. For more information on the cleaning process they go through, please see this guide: How to Clean a Vintage Safety Razor.

As well as cleaned and polished, all of our safety razors have been sterilised to clinical standards.

There’s nothing like shaving with a razor that you know was built to last and was very possibly used by your father / grand father.

Like new safety razors, vintage safety razors are not all the same. Some are more aggressive than others and some are more forgiving than others. If you would like to try a vintage safety razor but are not sure which one to start with, feel free to contact us and ask for some advice.