Scrubbing Bubbles UK Alternative

Scrubbing Bubbles Alternative in the UK

Whether you’re cleaning modern or vintage safety razors, you will have come across people mentioning a product called Scrubbing Bubbles. It appears that most razor forums are based in the USA where Scrubbing Bubbles is widely available. However here in the UK it has never been heard of. I for one have wondered for many […]

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Cleaning vintage Gillette safety razors

Vintage Razor Restoration – Gillette Slim Adjustable & Superspeed Black Tip

Another good find, I recently acquired two vintage safety razors from a local antique shop. One was a Gillette Slim Adjustable and the other was a Gillette Superspeed Black Tip. As you can see from the pictures below, they definitely need a good clean. Luckily both razors still had their plating in tact and just […]

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